Memoir Definition – Fun Quiz

What is MemoirI love quizzes — not the kind you took in school — just fun ones. Ones that no one knows how well or badly you did on it!

I just made a fun quiz at Squidoo that I thought I would share here. It’s called  Quiz – What is Memoir. Try your hand at it and see if you know which definition belongs with which word. There are only 8 questions so it won’t take long!


Apple TV – What a Gift!

I got a wonderful gift for Christmas this year from my big brother — Apple TV. I never expected it but love the heck out of it.

Andy suggested I write about it since there are so many misconceptions as to what Apple TV really is. So, here is the article I wrote explaining the definition, what is needed and what you can do with it.

Apple TV | How Does it Work



Las Vegas Themes

On a roll, I am, with articles about hosting a Las Vegas themed event. I just finished two new ones and am including the original article that started it all!

Las Vegas Party Themes

Las Vegas Invitations

Rat Pack Vintage Vegas Theme Decor

Also, at my website is a Vegas SignLas Vegas Welcome Sign DIY Project for building your own Las Vegas Welcome Sign.



What is a Vignette? (in Decor terms)

define vignetteThe term “vignette” has many meanings but I am only interested in meaning as it concerns theme decorating. I have had many people ask me to define vignettes — so, here is the article I wrote to answer these questions: Event Decor | What is a Vignette.

Additionally, I have photos, suggestions and examples of vignettes to help everyone understand the concept. Check it out!



Christmas Vacation The Movie

Christmas Vacation the movieOkay, I admit it — I LOVE Christmas Vacation the movie!

Last night, my daughter, husband and I set up our Christmas tree. What did we have on the DVD player? You Guessed it… Christmas Vacation. We had a great time laughing along at the Griswold’s and the funny predicaments they always get into.

Still high off the laughing, I wrote a new article Christmas Vacation the movie that features cast credits, ornaments, t-shirts and more items of one of the funniest holiday movies of all time. Have a look and a laugh!


Hollywood Themes – Decor Plan

Greetings from Hollywood California card

One of my favorite themes to use for a party, event or wedding is Hollywood themes. You can go in a lot of different directions such as:

  • Vintage Hollywood (also called Old Hollywood or Classic Hollywood)
  • Awards Night (think Oscars/Academy Awards)
  • Movies and Movie Stars

Or combine a couple of the ideas above and have a

  • Vintage Hollywood Awards Night
  • Vintage Hollywood Films and Stars

At any rate, I have hosted more than one of these events and have written a series of articles to help others when planning their Hollywood theme events. I will be adding to the series but right now they are:

Vintage Hollywood Theme Decor Ideas

Vintage Hollywood Invitations

Hollywood Themes | Entrance Decor

Hollywood Themes | Cocktail Area Decor

I hope you will find some helpful information, suggestions and ideas for your Hollywood themed event!


Image Credit:Greetings from Hollywood California by vintage_postcard

Magazine Cover Templates – Unique Gift

Magazine Cover Templates - MeYup, that’s me on the left (or at least my face and hair! LOL)

This is one of my most favorite gifts and one you can make for the people on your gift list. Design a Magazine Cover is the article I completed to give everyone the chance to make a funny, unique or inspirational magazine cover as a gift.

All you do is pick out your cover, upload a photo and personalize the content headings and Shazam! You have a custom, unique gift for anyone on your list!

Think of the fun you could have for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations and more!!!



Holiday Martini Anyone?

Eggnog MartiniThis time of year has a lot of us juggling work, family and friends holiday get-togethers. I was perusing my computer files last night and ran into one full of Holiday martini recipes. So, you got it! I wrote an article with recipes for the following Holiday Cocktails (Martinis in particular). The links below open in a new window right at the recipes:

Rudolph Chocolate Martini

Icicle Martini

Sugar Plum Fairy Martini

Eggnog Martini

Evergreen Martini

Holiday Cheer Martini

I have a few more I will add in the next couple of days, but enjoy these now!


Image Credit: Merry Christmas Martini Glass Ornament

A Paris Christmas

Paris Christmas TreeI have always had a fascination with “The City of Lights” – Paris, France. About 14 years ago, we moved to Paris, Illinois and that fascination turned into an obsession. I decorated my great room in golds, deep reds, browns, silvers and black. I was always on the hunt for all things Paris. One Christmas, I decided to make a small Paris themed Christmas tree to add to the decor. Small Paris signs, Eiffel Towers, lights, Arc de Triomphe, feathers, homemade ornaments, crystal ornaments and more were used to make this gorgeous 3 ft. Christmas tree that graced our great room for years.  It was fun and turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself!

I had lots of comments and questions about that tree from guests. So, if you want to make your own Paris themed Christmas tree, check out this article I wrote – “A Paris Christmas“. Lots of ideas, ornaments, cards and more so you can bring a bit of Paris home for the holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010Just wanted to swing by and say

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

I hope your turkey day is filled with family, friends, food and love!



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